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Founded in 1969, Racer Electric, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is best known for its product quality and customer services.

Racer is one of Thailand's leading original equipment  manufacturers of electromagnetic ballasts with over 1 million unit production capacity per month.

In addition to a line of high quality ballast products, racer has been distinguished by its extensive and innovative lines of lightings and lighting accessories for interiors and exteriors applications.


Racer employed modern technology and team of professional experts, inspecting production process and ensuring that all components of product were undergo meticulous quality and standard checkout.

Racer Electric, continuous research and development with modern equipments. Only raw materials of first suites quality are selected, in order to ensure that our products will meet customer satisfaction and criteria of Thai Industrial Standard (TIS). The company also emphasizes on production safety and excellent organization management system.

In addition, Racer Electric is particularly important to personal developed, organizing training on various skills, including leadership training to prepare them for the future roll of the leader.

With the strong commitment to create best quality products, Racer has successfully becomes the leader of lighting industry, ranged and certified by the department of export promotion, the ministry of commerce. Racer is the largest manufacturer of ballasts and lighting fixtures in Thailand. And also the country number one ballast exporter.